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Most Central Floridians have only see Armadillos as roadkill with their four toe mailed feet straight up in the air.  As mammals, Armadillos always have identical quadruplets. They have an excellent sense of smell. And when startled, they often jump straight up, and they are really fast runners.  They usually only come out at night.  

Their "protective" suit of armor is made of bone like material.  The only hair they have is on their belly and it's sparse.  While they are not native to Florida, they thrive in our warm climate with soft soil. They dig for all of their food, which consists primarily of grubs and earthworms. They also dig large, deep burrows into the ground in which they live and raise young.  Armadillos are expert diggers and can cause serious damage to a lawn or a landscaped area. They have large, strong claws on each foot and are very good at digging for food and digging burrows.  Armadillos prefer shrubby or tree-covered habitat where vegetation is dense. Armadillos feed mainly insects, ants, spiders, termites and other bugs that make up the majority of their diet. 

There's an even stronger reason than estetics to get rid of these pests by calling Custom Pest Solutions.  A New Journal of Medicine study has linked Armadillos to  leprosy.  Homeowners who dig in their gardens where this is armadillo excrement could be exposed.