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Raindrop Pro Gutter Guard
Raindrop Pro Gutter Guard

Custom Pest Solutions is offering another great solution that helps homeowners in many ways.  The Raindrop Pro Gutter Guard keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters and prevents birds from making your gutters their home.  Here are other great reasons to invest in this quality product: 

No Clogging due to leaves, pine needles and other debris.  The Gutter Guard keep unwanted items our while still allowing rain water to flow freely. Unaffected by pollen, pine tar, sap, airboarne dirt or roof granules.  Any debris that sneaks through will not be of a size to clog a properly installed gutter system.  Perfect for Pine, Maple and Oak debris.  No sharp edges to snag debris.

Hugh Water Capacity  Patented arched rib and grid consifuration is designed to handle any storm that comes your way. 

Minimizes Water Damage to your roof and siding.  The Rain Drop Gutter Guard doesn't clog, making it easier for your gutters to direct water away from your property.

Reduces Pest & insect Infestation  due to debris build-up.  Stagnant water, leaves and twigs create an ideal environment for insects and other pests. Self cleanining Gutter Guards prevent build-up, keeping insects away and creating a safer, more enjoyable environment for your family.

Helps Prevent Erosion on your property Pooling water around your home due to ineffective gutter guards can damage plants, grass and your foundation. 

Engineered For Performance  A sloped grid made of damage-resistant polypropylene that breaks self-cohesion of water droplets, immediately forcing water into a gutter. Unlike mesh designs—which keep almost everything out of the gutter, including water—aperture size of the polypropylene grid prevents large debris from clogging the gutter but allows small debris to sweep through.

Durable and Resilient  Polypropylene will not crush, dent peel or warp.  Car bumpers are make of polypropylene because it is TOUGH STUFF and holds up against the elements.  It is resistent to mold,mildew and salt spray. If a broanch falls on Rain Drop Gutter Guard, it bounces back instead of denting. 

Designed for Easy Maintenance
Where other products lay flat to handle water, Raindrop® Gutter Guards are designed to be installed at a pitch, as a continuation of the roof, to keep debris moving off the gutter.

Pays For Itself  RainDrop pays for itself in a few short years by eliminating the dangers, costs and need to constantly clean your gutters.  It is the last gutter guard you will every need.