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If you have an opossum or a family of opossums living on your property or in your home, we can provide the services you need to remove them and keep them out for good. There is no opossum problem that we cannot handle. At Custom Pest Solutions we provide safe, humane, reliable, and effective opossum removal, trapping, control and exclusion. 

Although Opossums look somewhat like large rats, they are North America’s only marsupial. They have pointed snouts and hairless tails. Adults weigh an average of 10-14 lbs. Their lifespan in the wild is around 2 years and some in captivity can live as long as  4 years. Opossums mate from January to July. They have a gestation period of only 12-14 days.  When the young opossums are born, they are called Joeys. And just like their cousin, the Kangaroo, they climb into their mother’s pouch and grow, then later they cling to the mother’s back before dropping off to tackle life on their own. 

Opossums are omnivorous (like raccoons), which means they eat almost anything but prefer meat and rotting carcasses.  They rummage around at night  looking for food and are opportunistic scavengers that will eat garbage, pet food, etc. If they encounter domesticated animals, your furry friends are in danger of getting a nasty bite.  Opossums have a total of 50 teeth, which is more than any other mammal in North America. Opossums cannot run very fast and will stand their ground when threatened, showing those 50 sharp teeth. In stressful dire situations, they will feign death or “play possum” by falling over with their tongue hanging out and excreting a smell similar to a rotting carcass.

Opossums sometimes establish a home base (especially a female with Joeys) and often live in human structures, such as under sheds, decks, porches, patios, and attics. They will take advantage of existing holes or gaps to gain access into your home where they will defecate, urinate, chew electrical wires, and cause damage to your attic insulation. And because they are nocturnal, they will run around the attic making noise at night disrupting any chance of a good night’s sleep! Therefore, opossum removal is a common request. 

If you discover an opossum living under your porch, deck, or patio, in your shed or garage, or in the crawlspace or attic, please call us. We are here to eliminate your opossum problems. 

Our priority when we first arrive on your property is to perform a thorough inspection to determine where the breach is that is allowing the opossum to get into your home or business and how much damage it has
 caused. Each situation is different therefore each situation must be carefully inspected so that we can develop a custom opossum removal solution to fit your needs. 

We then start the opossum removal process by setting traps to remove it.  Traps are checked and monitored by our staff until we are satisfied all opossums have been removed from your property. 

We also provide exclusions to repair holes on your home or business to keep the opossums out in the future, along with a full attic restoration service with an antimicrobial deodorizer/ disinfectant to clean up the mess that they make. We use the most up to date opossum removal equipment and techniques to take care of your problem. 

Opossums can also spread fleas and other parasites. They can carry fleas like no other animal in this area. If you have a flea problem and cannot seem to get rid of it, it can be a sign of an opossum problem. Check if you hear bumping in the crawlspace around the tub or under it, or if fleas are coming out of your fireplace. Once we get done with the opossum trapping, we can definitely tackle the fleas!

How do I keep opossums out of my home and garage?
Close all doors, garage doors, pet doors and unscreened windows from dusk to dawn. Put food away so that the opossum will not be tempted to enter. Do not leave pet food out at night. Cover garbage cans at night. Pick up fruit that has fallen from trees, keep all trees and shrubbery trimmed away from the fence, and clear dense bushes, woodpiles, and other hiding places.
Will an opossum attack my pets?
It is more likely that a dog will injure or kill an opossum. A cat may attack and kill young rat-sized Joeys. Adult opossums and cats seem to have a mutual respect and leave each other alone. In general, opossums are docile, non-aggressive animals and will not attack your pets. When possible, they prefer to escape and avoid confrontations. If not, the threatened opossum may "play ‘possum", show its teeth, or bite in self-defense, as any animal would.