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Raccoon Removal

If you have a raccoon or a family of raccoons causing problems on your property or in your attic, we can solve your  problem! Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can remove them and keep them out in the future. Or, read on to discover why your friends and neighbors choose Custom Pest Solutions for raccoon removal.
At Custom Pest Solutions we provide safe, humane, reliable, and effective raccoon removal, trapping, control, and exclusion. There is no raccoon problem that we cannot handle. Raccoons will gain entrance into houses and buildings through attics, chimneys, and roof angles. The raccoon can climb close hanging tree limbs and jump to the house to gain access as well. They will chew or tear holes to gain access into your attic or walls. Once in the attic, they will defecate, urinate, cause damage to your attic insulation, and give birth to their baby raccoons, kits. Once raccoons determine that your attic is a safe place for them and their families, they will return year after year to raise their young.
Our first priority when we arrive on your property is to perform a thorough inspection to determine where the entry points are that the raccoons used to gain entry inside your home. We also determine how much damage the raccoons have caused. We then start the raccoon removal process. Our wildlife specialists will set traps to remove the raccoons.  These traps are checked and monitored by our staff until we are satisfied all racoons have been removed from your property. 
Our next step is to repair the entry points caused by the raccoons to keep them out in the future. We do offer a full attic restoration service to remove any soiled insulation, raccoon droppings, and/or raccoon urine that may be in the attic. We also recommend fogging the attic with an antimicrobial deodorizer/disinfectant. We use only the latest and most up to date raccoon removal equipment and techniques to take care of your raccoon problem.

Through years of experience, we have developed specialized tactics for dealing with so that we can develop custom raccoon removal solutions to fit your needs. 

Raccoons are classified as a nuisance animal species due to their habits of living in homes and buildings. They are also at the top of the list of wildlife that destroy vegetable gardens. It is very important to understand and to be able to identify when raccoons are causing a nuisance conflict with people. Raccoons have just as much of a right to be on the earth as we do. It is important to understand that raccoons have one goal in mind. That goal is to survive.


The most common complaints include the following:

  • Raccoons in the attic
  • Raccoons in the crawlspace
  • Chirping noises coming from attic or chimney
  • Bird like noises coming from the walls
  • Raccoons living in the chimney
  • Raccoons on the roof
  • Raccoons getting into garbage cans
  • Raccoons eating pet food or bird seed
  • Raccoons under the deck
  • Raccoons under the porch
  • Raccoons under the shed
  • Raccoons droppings on deck
  • Sick, potentially rabid raccoon (active during the day, walking around in circles, moving slowing, climbing up things and falling down)
  • Raccoon presence is alarming to pets.

For these reasons, many people wish to have nuisance raccoons trapped and removed.